2jzZ33 kind of New Year!


2014, complete the 2jzZ33!

Been looking at a few online forums for schematics and wiring diagrams for jz swapped cars. Came to the conclusion that I’m going to attempt to repair the engine harness and try to fire the 2jz engine only outside the car!

Like this guy:


Lol, kind of g-rigged but it’s better to have a piece of mind that something critical works so I can move on and focus on other parts like which transmission to use, fuel setup, exhaust and so forth. After some reading, it’s not many wires to get it cranking. Once my electronic pins, connectors, valve cover gaskets, and other misc  nuts/bolts arrive; looks like I’ll be laying the harness out to keep wires I need and rip out the unnecessary ones like auto trans, traction control, and etc!