Super Stage 1 – NODRFT’s Sport Circuit – Aug. 3-4th

ND super stage 1

Join us on August 3-4 as we host a two-day spectacle to kick off the first round of our Sport Circuit Series. Super Stage One is the first Super Stage event of two. These events will focus on driver skill in competition on the kart track. The track layout with detailed clipping points and zones will be posted once decided upon. The competition will be judged by the following: Snap-like entry, car control within close proximity, lead car consistency and flow for the follow car, follow car consistency to lead car, follow car simultaneous transitions with the lead car, proximity in transition. Both lead and follow cars must be within reasonable distance of inside and outside clipping points and/or zones. The closer the better. All of this is all relative to the drivers ability. The driver who does all of these things better will advance on.

The drivers will be paired in a bracket in their first run and will be paired with other drivers with similar car performance. This will be the most fair match up for competition since we will not have qualifying.

Competition is a simple elimination bracket system. You lose, you’re out. You win, you advance on.

This sounds way more serious than it has to but that’s the criteria and we’re really just here to have fun and win cool stuff!

The PRIZE for winning the competition will be a Sabelt America GT3 bucket seat, Valino Greeva tires, and a free ride into EYB 6 later this year.

Early Registration(Open now, link below):
$100 for Saturday
$160 for Sunday
$240 for both days
Because of the inconvenience of the storm and reschedule, we will waive the Late Registration fees!


7:00 AM Gates Open & Tech
8:30 Drivers Meeting
9 AM First car out
5 PM cold track, party begins, camping all night!

7 AM Gates Open & Tech
8:30 AM Drivers Meeting
9 AM First car out
2:30 PM Competition drivers meeting
3 PM competition starts prompt
5 PM track closes, pack up, hug your pals, peace out, see you next time.

Vehicle to vehicle contact and track damages are the drivers responsibility and will be discussed in the drivers meeting. Competition will be open to any seasoned experienced drivers, send us a pm or email if you have any questions. 

Choose single day or 2day deal package below:
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