EYB PREP Oct. 3rd!

Nodrft’s EYB Prep Event!

We know you’re tired of all the covid19 obstacles this year. Let’s hit the reset button and start all over. We are excited to announce our next event to get you prepared for EYB 2020! Join us on October 3rd for some fun hangs and awesome driving!

Drifting on the skidpad, we’ll have a super fun course!

Early registration will end 9/27/2020 at midnight and late registration will begin up til day of event.

When: Saturday Oct. 3rd

Where: Nola Motorsports

Online registration open now, sign up below!

Day of event registration 7am-10am

Drifting: 9am-5pm

Early Registration: $80

Late Registration Begins 9/28/20: $100


Late Registration:
Driver’s Name/Car Make/Model: