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The NODRFT OPEN – Kart Banger 2018 Season Opener

311NODRFT-flyer-smallWelcome to NODRFT’s 2018 season kick off event featuring the awesome kart track of Nola Motorsports Park. The NODRFT Open will be a high energy drift day dedicated to well seasoned intermediate and experienced drivers only. Check out the minimum requirements below to see if you’re qualified for this event:

Driving Eligibility Requirements for kart track:

  • Drivers of Fd Pro, Pro-am, LSD, US-DRIFT, MDU, etc. or any advanced drivers of such drift related sanctions with similar credentials.
  • Any actively dedicated NODRFT intermediate/advance driver who has at least one year attending all our events for a full consecutive year.
  • Any drivers that has driven in our previous kart-drifting events.

**Intermediate/Advance drivers of other non qualified sanctions, drivers who do not compete, and/or do not attend NODRFT events regularity must contact us for approval.

If you are unsure of yourself, send us an email to NODRFT@gmail.com with your full name, drift credentials, and drift vehicle.

Full day driver times and prices:

  • Drifting 9am-5pm
  • Pre-registration (open now): $120
  • Late registration: $150, begins March 1st (3/1/18) until event day if drivers cap not reached.

Once driver(s) are approved and paid, we will not issue refunds, if you can not make the event for any reason, do not register until you are ready to commit. We are not responsible for your driving spot if you can’t fulfill it.

Late Registration:
Drift Car Make/Model:


8.6.17 – NODRFT Back to School Session/86 Nostalgia Meet

86day2017Welcome to NODRFT’s 8/6 Back to School Jam aka the ae86/ft86/hachiroku special! We will plan and offer specials for any corolla drifters and stunters!

Do you guys want an 86 car meet? Contact your corolla bros/gals and tell them about this meet/show at NOLA Motorsports Park!

Drift Day times:
Gates open at 7:00am
Driver’s Day Registration: 7:00am-10am
Driver’s Tech: 8:00am
Drivers/Media Meeting: 8:45/8:50am(roughly)
Drifting: 9:00am-5pm

Gate Fee/Spectators: $5 ea.
FREE Ride-along in any drift car!

Drivers Registration – BTS/86 Special Drift – Sunday 8.6.17
Pick above accordingly, you will be refunded if incorrect!
Driver’s Name & Drift Vehicle:
Brief drifting history/exp:

Tech Rules/Safety Regulations:
Please make sure your drift car is up to date with general maintenance and no loose parts or leaky fluid can fall on track.
Here are a few simple must haves that is required to pass tech:
-NO Leaky fluids(zero tolerance per track requests’).
-Helmets must be DOT approved and not older than 10yrs.
-Must have working seat belts (oem or aftermarket equivalent or better).
-All people in car wear helmets(chin strapped).
-Must have stiff/working brakes and pedal.
-Must have ALL wheel lugs/studs securely tightened.
-MUST have battery tie down.
-ALL CONVERTIBLE vehicles must have OEM roll bar or aftermarket roll bar equivalent safety standards to or surpass OEM.
NODRFT RULE BOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/notes/nodrft-new-orleans-drifters/2016-nodrft-rulebook/942610025813756

Support your grassroots events. Bring your family, tell your friends, everyone, come out and enjoy a full day of fun in the sun! Get your tire-shredding, money pitt machine ready and be sure to save up for TIRES TIRES TIRES TIRES!!!!

Prep your cars, fix your broken parts, complete project cars, and hit every new/used tire shop around. Come ready to KILL ALL TIRES!

6.24.17 – Caliente Llantas – Nodrft’s summer drift session

Most of you will be off from school and have vacation to kill; just in time for ND’s summer drift session!

Registration for Caliente Llantas is now open! This will be a scorcher, make sure your car(s), crew, and all drivers are ready for the summer heat of the south. Come out for an amazing times, great hangs, and ready to burn rubber!

Drivers Registration – Caliente Llantas Drift – Saturday 6.24.17
Driver’s Name & Drift Vehicle:
Brief drifting history/exp:

Click this official event link to stay up to date and RSVP