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The NODRFT OPEN – Kart Banger 2018 Season Opener

311NODRFT-flyer-smallWelcome to NODRFT’s 2018 season kick off event featuring the awesome kart track of Nola Motorsports Park. The NODRFT Open will be a high energy drift day dedicated to well seasoned intermediate and experienced drivers only. Check out the minimum requirements below to see if you’re qualified for this event:

Driving Eligibility Requirements for kart track:

  • Drivers of Fd Pro, Pro-am, LSD, US-DRIFT, MDU, etc. or any advanced drivers of such drift related sanctions with similar credentials.
  • Any actively dedicated NODRFT intermediate/advance driver who has at least one year attending all our events for a full consecutive year.
  • Any drivers that has driven in our previous kart-drifting events.

**Intermediate/Advance drivers of other non qualified sanctions, drivers who do not compete, and/or do not attend NODRFT events regularity must contact us for approval.

If you are unsure of yourself, send us an email to NODRFT@gmail.com with your full name, drift credentials, and drift vehicle.

Full day driver times and prices:

  • Drifting 9am-5pm
  • Pre-registration (open now): $120
  • Late registration: $150, begins March 1st (3/1/18) until event day if drivers cap not reached.

Once driver(s) are approved and paid, we will not issue refunds, if you can not make the event for any reason, do not register until you are ready to commit. We are not responsible for your driving spot if you can’t fulfill it.

Late Registration:
Drift Car Make/Model:


2jzZ33 – Turbo, HMIC, Charge piping, Rad mock up’

turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up' Feet dangling'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’
Feet dangling’

Ktran was busy last week mocking up the turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad and coolant lines! Everything is now dangling on it’s own ready for some front tube support work….*cough* *IanMcDougall* Also ran/plugged up the 90% complete wiring harness and tucked it away!

turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’