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Stay Classy Slide Sockhop @ NMSP – 8/18/13

Next Nola Drift event, Sunday Aug. 18th @ NMSP
8/18/13 at NMSP
Stay Classy Sockhop Drift Event Team Meet & Greet – 8/18/13 @ NMSP

Dust off your party hat and florescent spandex and get ready for the Sockhop y’all! Bring the boombox’s, the 90’s jams and come swing that ass out. If you ain’t slidin’ you fryin’ like No Limit Records, like Big willie, like Bangin’, like Chedder, like Back in the day! Just come drop it like it’s hot and stay classy with us!

We are hosting a drift event and car meet and greet at the same time. To try to get us more into the car show level, we will be giving away trophies to teams that enter into the meet and greet competition! Trophies will be awarded to:
*Biggest Team
*Best Stance Team
*Most Unique(variety)

Drivers or people interested in entering your car to drift, but unsure? Everyone from new to experience is welcomed, 8hrs all out drift day so you will get plenty of seat time to practice, learn, and progress. We will have instructors on site for anyone who wants to ride in instructors’ car or wants the instructor to ride in your drift cars for advice, tips, and pointers.

New in 2013, NMSP is charging $5 admission for non drifters participating(spectators). Passenger rides in drift cars still free and are welcomed as long as they have a helmet(provide yourself).

Drift Fee/Price per driver:
$60 pre-registration(open now)
$75 late-registration (August 12-17)
Tandem: *****OPEN to EXPERIENCED drivers***** If you think you’re experienced, shoot us an email and we will review your application! We do this for your safety.

Sponsors/People who helped out:
Nola Motorsports Park
High-End Race Development
Walbridge Auto & Performance
Derek Matherne Photography & Design
Find the Apex Photo
Brandon Davis Photography

To register, include your full name and drift car, send a PayPal payment as a GIFT to azncmb@hotmail.com

Drift Time:
Drift vehicle safety tech inspection 8am-9am(don’t be late!)
the sooner we knock out the tech for cars, the earlier we can start drifting!

Tech Rules/Safety Regulations:
Please make sure your drift car is up to date with general maintenance and no loose parts or leaky fluid can fall on track.
Here are a few simple must haves that is required to pass tech:
-NO Leaky fluids(zero tolerance per track requests’).
-Helmets must be DOT approved and not older than 10yrs.
-Must have working seat belts (oem or aftermarket equivalent or better).
-All people in car wear helmets(chin strapped).
-Must have stiff/working brakes and pedal.
-Must have ALL wheel lugs/studs securely tightened.
-MUST have battery tie down.
-ALL CONVERTIBLE vehicles must have OEM roll bar or aftermarket roll bar equivalent safety standards to or surpass OEM.
-Exhaust must not be louder than 103DB from 50ft of a person.

Come support your grassroots events. Bring your family, tell your friends, everyone, come out and enjoy a full day of fun in the sun!

The event is from 9a-5pm, held at the brand new local race track, Info/Address:
Nola motorsports park
11075 Nicolle Boulevard
Avondale, LA 70094
phone(504) 302-4875

*****FREE DYNO PULL given to one lucky driver******
Thanks to High-End Race Development

More info at:

Fix broke parts now!
Harvest 2 or 4 new tires now!(that’s all you need!)
Take off from work/significant other now!
8/18 – Stay Classy Sockhop – 8/18

Rsvp at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/480322295387877/