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NODRFT 2020 Season Schedule

Welcome to NODRFT’s 2020 schedule:

  • March 21/22 – The NODRFT Open
  • April 26 – C.Brandt Memorial
  • June 6 – Summer HEAT
  • August 29/30 – Super Stage 2
  • December 11/12/13 – END OF YEAR BASH 2020

We have updated our Driver’s Agreement Terms, Safety, and Technical Rules, check it out on our home page or here .

Get yo drift cars ready!

The NODRFT OPEN – 3.3.19

Welcome to the Nodrft Open, we hope you all enjoyed the offseason and now you’re invited back to drifting with the ND Open happening March 3rd, 2019.

A full day of driving on the skidpad to ease you back into things so your cars don’t break! This event is also happening around Mardi Gras. They’ll be parades all around the city, if you’ve never been to the craziest street party in the world, now is your time to come check it out and get some drifting all in one weekend! *Fat Tuesday(Mardi Gras Day) is 3.5.19*

Follow our Nodrft facebook event page(<--click) for live updates and announcements!

ND Open 3.3.19 – Event time: 9-5pm

Location: Nola Motorsports Park – 11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094

Early Registration: $80

Late Registration: $100 starts 2/24/19

Register below:

Diver Name/Car-Make/Model:


NODRFT 2019 Season

Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce the 2019 NODRFT Season. Below are the event dates, track, and eflyer! Most of the entire 2019 schedule will take place at Nola Motorsports Park, but more track options are in the works. Stay updated with us on social media for live announcements, events, and project updates!

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Instagram @NODRFT

NODRFT 2019 Event Dates:

  1.  March 3 – 2019 NODRFT Season Opener – Skidpad
  2.  April 14 – C. Brandt Commemoration – Skidpad
  3.  May 25-26 – Memorial Mayhem – Kart/Skidpad
  4.  Aug. 3/4 – Sport Circuit Super Stage 1 – Skidpad/Kart
  5.  Sept. 29 – Fall Festival – Skidpad
  6.  Dec. 14-15 – EYB2K19 #EYB6 Kart/Skidpad