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Mother Lovers – Drift Event May 13th – Nola Motorsports Park

NODRFT open drift day, Saturday 5/13/17

Like to have good times and enjoy fast pace adrenaline rush? Well then, we welcome you and all the lovely mothers of fellow drifters, mother friends, future moms, daughters, sisters anyone who can bare children; to Mother Lovers drift day on Saturday May 13th at Nola Motorsports Park!

Gates open at 7am, workers, media, and drivers are encouraged to arrive early.
Gate fee for spectators: $5 ea.
FREE Ride-along in any drift car!

Course/Track Selection:
Saturday 5/13/17  – 9am-5pm Skid Pad Drifting

Drift registration fee/per driver:
Saturday 5/13/17
Pre registration, open now – $70
Late registration, May 8th – $90

For now, RSVP at our official interactive event page!

To register, head over to Events Registration & Info tab above!

April 1 – 2 Chris Brandt Memorial 1.5

Starting off our 2017 NODRFT season with Chris Brandt’s annual drift bash! Come out April 1st and 2nd to enjoy great driving on multiple race tracks at Nola Motorsports!


  • 7am -12noon, we are hosting kart track drifting for experienced veteran drivers!


  • 9am-5pm,  open track drifting on the skid pad welcomed to any level of drivers!

Stay up to date instantly by following our official interactive event page, click here!

Before you register, please look over Nodrft Tech and Safety Rule Book and make sure your drift vehicle meets our safety and tech requirements! 

Drift Fee/Price per driver:

  • Saturday – Pre-registration, open now, Kart Track – 25 Driver Cap, $80
  • Saturday – Late registration, March 24th – 25 Driver Cap, $100
  • Sunday – Pre registration, open now – $70
  • Sunday – Late registration, March 24th – $90

For Saturday’s Kart Track driver application submissions and to register, please send us an email to NODRFT@gmail.com and we’ll forward you detailed instructions after approval.

Chris Brandt Memorial 1.5 drift event

2jzZ33 – Turbo, HMIC, Charge piping, Rad mock up’

turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up' Feet dangling'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’
Feet dangling’

Ktran was busy last week mocking up the turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad and coolant lines! Everything is now dangling on it’s own ready for some front tube support work….*cough* *IanMcDougall* Also ran/plugged up the 90% complete wiring harness and tucked it away!

turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’

2jzZ33 kind of New Year!


2014, complete the 2jzZ33!

Been looking at a few online forums for schematics and wiring diagrams for jz swapped cars. Came to the conclusion that I’m going to attempt to repair the engine harness and try to fire the 2jz engine only outside the car!

Like this guy:


Lol, kind of g-rigged but it’s better to have a piece of mind that something critical works so I can move on and focus on other parts like which transmission to use, fuel setup, exhaust and so forth. After some reading, it’s not many wires to get it cranking. Once my electronic pins, connectors, valve cover gaskets, and other misc  nuts/bolts arrive; looks like I’ll be laying the harness out to keep wires I need and rip out the unnecessary ones like auto trans, traction control, and etc!


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