Events Safety Procedures & Technical Rules

Driver & Crew Conduct
– All drivers and crew members participating in a NODRFT sanctioned event are expected to conduct themselves in the most professional manner with a respect for sportsmanship. Drivers are responsible for the behavior and conduct of any persons’ accompanying them. Any offense committed by the driver’s crew could be directly chargeable to the driver. Damages to the racetrack, its surface, barriers, structures, equipment, and vehicles by the driver and/or any member of the drivers crew, the driver could be held responsible and agrees to pay restitution.
Driver Requirements
– Must have a appropriately setup drift vehicle that will pass safety tech inspection and isn’t complete junk.
– Must adhere to all vehicle safety requirements.
– Must pay all fees, sign/abide to insurance liability waiver, and registration form.
– ALL vehicles are subject to strict safety tech inspection as outlined in the rules and registration form.
– Speed limit is FIVE (5) mph.
– Oil, water, power and air are the responsibility of the driver/crew.
– TAKE YOUR TIRES WITH YOU! The track is not a tire disposal.
– Do not litter or leave any mess. Driver/crew must bring oil dry to clean up fluids in case of a spill or dripping.
– Trailers are not allowed to be parked in the pit area. The pit area is reserved for drift cars and rad bros.
– ANY irresponsible actions such as dumping of the clutch, burnouts, drift nuts, excessive speeding, endangering a spectator by way of your maneuvers etc. done in the pit, parking area, or anywhere that is not designated to be a racing surface, NODRFT officials or track staff reserve the right remove participants, who are deemed unsafe, from drifting and the track. Any and all participants deemed unsafe will be fined $500 and banned from that event. NODRFT officials have the authority to permanently ban the individual if decided upon.
All participating cars are subject to strict safety inspection conducted by a NODRFT official.
– Drivers and all passengers must wear at least a shirt, shorts and closed toed shoes. A fire resistant race suit is recommended during tandem and competition.
– Helmet meeting current DOT and SNELL seal SA2010 or SA2015.
– Must have correctly operating seat belts, helmets, and must be replaced after sustaining a substantial impact.
– Must be free of major leaks and open reservoirs.(zero tolerance)
– No loose items inside engine bay.
– Batteries must be secured to the body of the car. Bungee cords, zip ties, and ratchet straps are not approved as battery tie downs.
– Engine must be equipped with fluid over flow cans.
– Brake pedal must have firm feel.
– Clutch must have firm feel.
– Cable or hydraulic E-brake is recommended.
– Rigid mounted suspension is strictly forbidden.
– All lug nuts must be present.
– Clean cars are encouraged.
– Doors, trunks and hatches must be securely fastened and must not open while in drift.
– Windows must be sealed or fastened to factory location.
– Driver and passenger seats must be securely bolted to the chassis.
– Race harnesses must use a harness bar for secure mounting and to avoid injury.
– TWO (2) brake lights must work at all times.
– We like underglow, strobe lights and bling things. Put underglow, strobe lights and bling things on all things.
– Mufflers are HIGHLY recommended.
– 95DB sound limit for Nola Motorsports Park.
– All loose items must be removed before getting on track.
– Shifter hole in transmission tunnel must be sealed with shift boot from hot tranny fluid and debris.
– All seat belts must be in good condition and factory belts must be in perfect operating order.
– The factory seat belt must have one lap belt and one shoulder/chest belt. The use of only the lap belt is not allowed.
– Safety belt harnesses that are expired are permitted but only in the case that they are in exceptionally good condition.
– Bucket race seats are recommended. The seat must be safely secured and sturdy to the chassis incase of a major impact. In the case of an impact and the seat is damaged and needing to be replaced, the seat must be again secured properly to the chassis.
– Factory seats are allowed but in the case that you have a roll cage installed with a factory seat, all necessary precautions must be taken to ensure the seat does not get caught below the door bar during an accident.
– Interior neons are encouraged.
– Roll cages are required for tandem runs. Must meet one of the following safety criteria: SCCA, NASA, and/or FD Pro Am.
– FOUR (4) point minimum mounting points within the chassis.
– ONE (1) door bar minimum is required per side.
– We recommend following the Formula Drift Pro-AM regulations for proper roll cage guide lines.
– Convertibles must have minimum FOUR (4) point roll cage w/ door bars or factory hardtop for solo drifting and tandem.

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