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Fall Fest – Drift Day – 9.29.19

Get ready for Nodrft Fall-Fest Sept. 29th. Come enjoy a full day on the skid-pad open to all drivers. Registration is open!

Media sign up requests, send your credentials to NODRFT@gmail.com

Event Day: Sunday Sept. 29th
7:00 – Gates Open
7:00 – 8:45am – Registration/Tech Inspection
8:45 – 9:00am Drivers Meeting
9:00 – First car on course
5:00 – Gates close/Track Clean Up

Attention all spectators, the track have implemented a $5 gate fee per vehicle, please be aware and tell your friends!


Click this message, follow our facebook event link and let us know you’re coming and keep up with information/announcements!

Register below!

Late Registration:
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CB Commemoration – 4.14.19

Welcome to Nodrft’s Chris Brandt(CB) annual commemoration event! Gear up and get ready to celebrate one of Nodrft’s greatest og member! We will come together and pay homage to our homie doing what we love; the very silly things that brought us all together, cars & drifting! Clear your schedules and bring out the drift cars that didn’t make it out to the Nodrft Open!

Location: Nola Motorsports – Skid Pad
Time: 9-5pm

Early Registration: $80

Late Registration: $100 starts 4/8/19

Late Registration:
Driver’s Name/Car Make/Model: