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CB Commemoration – 4.14.19

Welcome to Nodrft’s Chris Brandt(CB) annual commemoration event! Gear up and get ready to celebrate one of Nodrft’s greatest og member! We will come together and pay homage to our homie doing what we love; the very silly things that brought us all together, cars & drifting! Clear your schedules and bring out the drift cars that didn’t make it out to the Nodrft Open!

Location: Nola Motorsports – Skid Pad
Time: 9-5pm

Early Registration: $80

Late Registration: $100 starts 4/8/19

Late Registration:
Driver’s Name/Car Make/Model:



NODRFT 2019 – Test n Tune

During 2018, we introduced our trial run of half day Test N Tune(tnt) events in conjunction with our home track, Nola Motorsports. For 2019, we’ve locked in a full schedule of TNT dates giving Nodrft driver’s more opportunities to drive whenever they can!

Are you new to drifting or installed some new parts and not sure how your car would perform during a full NODRFT day? Our TNT events are catered for anyone with the urge to drift or just test their vehicles in general. But don’t get mislead, we also welcome experienced drivers and teams to come out and drive as much as they can together in a low key environment.

NODRFT 2019 TNT Dates:

  1.  Feb. 20
  2.  March 27(**TBA**)
  3.  May 1
  4.  June 26
  5. Aug. 7
  6. Nov. 6

Stay updated with us on social media for live announcements, events, and project updates!

Click for NODRFT Facebook

Instagram @NODRFT

Register directly at: https://www.motorsportreg.com/nodrftTNT


85/86 Drift Day – Round 3 – 8.5.18

85 event 2018

Join us for our next nodrft event commemorating the iconic ae86/86 corolla chassis that sparked the start of addictive sport of drifting. This event is open to any driver and drift car chassis, it will also be Round 3 of the Nodrft Trials drift series event!

We’re working with the track to get all drivers an fans out of the heat with special promo discounts on the 40 foot water slides so come join the fun wether you’re driving or spectating!

Registration is open below!

Early Registration: $80
Late Registration(July 30th): $100

Track Address:
Nola Motorsports Park

11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094
Track: Skidpad

Late Registration:
Driver’s Full Name:
Drift Car Make/Model:


2jzZ33 – Turbo, HMIC, Charge piping, Rad mock up’

turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up' Feet dangling'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’
Feet dangling’

Ktran was busy last week mocking up the turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad and coolant lines! Everything is now dangling on it’s own ready for some front tube support work….*cough* *IanMcDougall* Also ran/plugged up the 90% complete wiring harness and tucked it away!

turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up'
turbo, hmic, charge piping, rad mock up’