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End of Year Bash 2017 – The Trifecta – December 15/16/17 #EYB2017

Join us on Dec. 15,16, and 17 to commemorate the 2017 NODRFT season finale with our annual drift festival, End of Year Bash! This year, we’ve extended the weekend festivities to three days of track use as compared to a two day event in previous years. Along with more driving, we’ll getting you guys covered with more track options! Keep reading to follow and stay up to date with schedule and times for each day below:

Friday Dec. 15th  We kick off #EYB2017 with drifting on the internationally renowned 40 acre super kart track of Nola Motorsports Park. Feast your eyes on the photo below to get your brain and body ready for super technical g-force drifting on this awesome gokart course! We’ll be drifting 5hrs kicking off from 12noon-5pm!


Saturday Dec. 16th – the 2nd day of #EYB2017 continues the kart drifting spectacle early(8am-10am) welcoming guests attending Cars & Coffee. After kart drifting, we’ll open the 326,700 square feet Autocross skidpad to run drift cars all day! Take another glimpse at the photo above and you can locate the autocross pad above the kart track significantly engraved by all the tire tread from our previous events. Skidpad drifting a full 12hr day into the night from 10am-10pm!

Sunday Dec. 17th – the 3rd and final day of #EYB2017 will have dual drifting courses going on all day long. Day 3 will kick off with a 3hr drift session running hot-laps on the huge 2.75mile North Track road course(photo above) from 8am-11am while still having open drift laps going on the autocross skidpad from 9a-5pm! Check out the photos and videos below to get an idea of the autocross skidpad, kart track, and north track courses all at Nola Motorsports Park.

NODRFT End of Year Bash 2017

When: December 15, 16, 17 (3days)

Where: Nola Motorsports Park

11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094

!IMPORTANT! Drivers registering for kart and north track, click this link to fill out the application form !Important!

Dec. 15-17 – Combo Deal (Ends Nov. 30)

3day – Kart+Skidpadx2+N.Track: $350(eligible drivers only) Ended 11/30

3day – Kart+Skidpadx2: $300(eligible drivers only) Ended 11/30

2day – Skidpad+N. Track: $250(eligibles drivers only) Ended 11/30

2day – Skidpad Sat/Sun: $200 Ended 11/30

Single Day Rates

Friday – Kart Track 12pm-5pm: $100(Elgible drivers only) FRIDAY IS FULL DUE TO DRIVER’S CAP

Saturday – Skidpad – 12hrs: $140 pre / $160 late(Nov. 30) SATURDAY IS FULL DUE TO DRIVER’S CAP

Sunday – Skidpad – 8hrs: $100 pre/ $120 late(Nov.30) SUNDAY IS FULL DUE TO DRIVER’S CAP

Sun – N.track 8am-11am: $100(Elgible drivers only) SUNDAY IS FULL DUE TO DRIVER’S CAP


10.22.17 – NODRFT – Fall Feels Drift Session

Autumn will be upon us bringing cooler weather so come drive!
We have a link to our detailed tech/safety rule book below:https://www.facebook.com/notes/nodrft-new-orleans-drifters/2016-nodrft-rulebook/942610025813756

Drift times:
Gates open at 7:00am
Driver’s Day Registration: 7:00am-10am
Driver’s Tech: 8:00am
Drivers/Media Meeting: 8:45/8:50am(roughly)
Drifting: 9:00am-5pm

Gate Fee/Spectators: $5 ea.
FREE Ride-along in any drift car!

Drift Fee/Price per driver:
$70 pre-registration(open now)
$90 late-registration (Oct 16)
Spectators: $5 each(gate fee, drift drivers negated).
Registration is now open!

Late Registration
Driver’s Name & Drift Vehicle:
Brief drifting history/exp:

Tech Rules/Safety Regulations:
Please make sure your drift car is up to date with general maintenance and no loose parts or leaky fluid can fall on track.
Here are a few simple must haves that is required to pass tech:
-NO Leaky fluids(zero tolerance per track requests’).
-Helmets must be DOT approved and not older than 10yrs.
-Must have working seat belts (oem or aftermarket equivalent or better).
-All people in car wear helmets(chin strapped).
-Must have stiff/working brakes and pedal.
-Must have ALL wheel lugs/studs securely tightened.
-MUST have battery tie down.
-ALL CONVERTIBLE vehicles must have OEM roll bar or aftermarket roll bar equivalent safety standards to or surpass OEM.
NODRFT RULE BOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/notes/nodrft-new-orleans-drifters/2016-nodrft-rulebook/942610025813756
Support your grassroots events. Bring your family, tell your friends, everyone, come out and enjoy a full day of fun in the sun! Get your tire-shredding, money pitt machine ready and be sure to save up for TIRES TIRES TIRES TIRES!!!!

Prep your cars, fix your broken parts, complete project cars, and hit every new/used tire shop around. Come ready to KILL ALL TIRES!