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Nodrft End of Year Bash 6 Dec. 13-15

We finalized the dates and times for End of Year Bash VI 2019. Eyb will be 3 days on December 13-15 at Nola Motorsports Park. We are excited to announce a total of 28 hours driving time along with a lot more night drifting!

This year we’ll be adding an after party on Saturday with a bonfire, a DJ, and some adult beverages. As well water and Capri Sun for the non drinkers. Below is the schedule and registration info for EYB.

End of Year Bash Schedule:
Friday: 4pm-9pm Skidpad
Saturday: 9am-5pm Skidpad
6pm-11pm Kart Track
Sunday: 8am-5pm Kart Track

¡¡Registration Information!!

This year will be implementing a mileage discount to try and help people with cost of travel. The distance is calculated from New Orleans city center. You must submit a VALID i.d./license for the discount to apply. Below are the distance and discount rates

100-200 miles $20 off
200-300 miles $40 off
300+ miles $60 off

You’ll pay full price initially then you email us a pic of your VALID ID/ License. Once we verify you ID and distance, we will send you the discounted portion. Email us: NODRFT@GMAIL.COM

Below are prices and information for End of Year Bash 6:

Single Day Prices: Pre-registration/Late:
Friday: Skidpad 4pm-9pm $40
Saturday:  Skidpad 9am-5pm $80/100
Saturday:  Kart Track 6pm-11pm $100/120
Sunday:  Kart Track 8am-5pm $140/160

Combo Deals – Early/Late:
Skidpad Only – Friday/Saturday $100/140
Kart Track Only –  Saturday/Sunday $200/240
Both Tracks – Saturday Only $160/200
Both Tracks – Saturday/Sunday $240/300
Both Tracks – ALL 3 DAYS $280/340

Late registration starts Dec. 1st.


Follow our event thread on facebook @ click this link. A lot of times, drivers back out, so also stay updated with our  fb event page to lookout for potential driver spot sales and other information.

Track info: Nola Motorsports 11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094 



Registration is FULL!

Fall Fest – Drift Day – 9.29.19

Get ready for Nodrft Fall-Fest Sept. 29th. Come enjoy a full day on the skid-pad open to all drivers. Registration is open!

Media sign up requests, send your credentials to NODRFT@gmail.com

Event Day: Sunday Sept. 29th
7:00 – Gates Open
7:00 – 8:45am – Registration/Tech Inspection
8:45 – 9:00am Drivers Meeting
9:00 – First car on course
5:00 – Gates close/Track Clean Up

Attention all spectators, the track have implemented a $5 gate fee per vehicle, please be aware and tell your friends!


Click this message, follow our facebook event link and let us know you’re coming and keep up with information/announcements!

Register below!

Late Registration:
Driver’s Name/Car Make/Model:


Super Stage 1 – NODRFT’s Sport Circuit – Aug. 3-4th

ND super stage 1

Join us on August 3-4 as we host a two-day spectacle to kick off the first round of our Sport Circuit Series. Super Stage One is the first Super Stage event of two. These events will focus on driver skill in competition on the kart track. The track layout with detailed clipping points and zones will be posted once decided upon. The competition will be judged by the following: Snap-like entry, car control within close proximity, lead car consistency and flow for the follow car, follow car consistency to lead car, follow car simultaneous transitions with the lead car, proximity in transition. Both lead and follow cars must be within reasonable distance of inside and outside clipping points and/or zones. The closer the better. All of this is all relative to the drivers ability. The driver who does all of these things better will advance on.

The drivers will be paired in a bracket in their first run and will be paired with other drivers with similar car performance. This will be the most fair match up for competition since we will not have qualifying.

Competition is a simple elimination bracket system. You lose, you’re out. You win, you advance on.

This sounds way more serious than it has to but that’s the criteria and we’re really just here to have fun and win cool stuff!

The PRIZE for winning the competition will be a Sabelt America GT3 bucket seat, Valino Greeva tires, and a free ride into EYB 6 later this year.

Early Registration(Open now, link below):
$100 for Saturday
$160 for Sunday
$240 for both days
Because of the inconvenience of the storm and reschedule, we will waive the Late Registration fees!


7:00 AM Gates Open & Tech
8:30 Drivers Meeting
9 AM First car out
5 PM cold track, party begins, camping all night!

7 AM Gates Open & Tech
8:30 AM Drivers Meeting
9 AM First car out
2:30 PM Competition drivers meeting
3 PM competition starts prompt
5 PM track closes, pack up, hug your pals, peace out, see you next time.

Vehicle to vehicle contact and track damages are the drivers responsibility and will be discussed in the drivers meeting. Competition will be open to any seasoned experienced drivers, send us a pm or email if you have any questions. 

Choose single day or 2day deal package below:
Driver’s Full Name/Drift Car:
Driver’s Email:


CB Commemoration – 4.14.19

Welcome to Nodrft’s Chris Brandt(CB) annual commemoration event! Gear up and get ready to celebrate one of Nodrft’s greatest og member! We will come together and pay homage to our homie doing what we love; the very silly things that brought us all together, cars & drifting! Clear your schedules and bring out the drift cars that didn’t make it out to the Nodrft Open!

Location: Nola Motorsports – Skid Pad
Time: 9-5pm

Early Registration: $80

Late Registration: $100 starts 4/8/19

Late Registration:
Driver’s Name/Car Make/Model:



The NODRFT OPEN – 3.3.19

Welcome to the Nodrft Open, we hope you all enjoyed the offseason and now you’re invited back to drifting with the ND Open happening March 3rd, 2019.

A full day of driving on the skidpad to ease you back into things so your cars don’t break! This event is also happening around Mardi Gras. They’ll be parades all around the city, if you’ve never been to the craziest street party in the world, now is your time to come check it out and get some drifting all in one weekend! *Fat Tuesday(Mardi Gras Day) is 3.5.19*

Follow our Nodrft facebook event page(<--click) for live updates and announcements!

ND Open 3.3.19 – Event time: 9-5pm

Location: Nola Motorsports Park – 11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094

Early Registration: $80

Late Registration: $100 starts 2/24/19

Register below:

Diver Name/Car-Make/Model:


NODRFT 2019 – Test n Tune

During 2018, we introduced our trial run of half day Test N Tune(tnt) events in conjunction with our home track, Nola Motorsports. For 2019, we’ve locked in a full schedule of TNT dates giving Nodrft driver’s more opportunities to drive whenever they can!

Are you new to drifting or installed some new parts and not sure how your car would perform during a full NODRFT day? Our TNT events are catered for anyone with the urge to drift or just test their vehicles in general. But don’t get mislead, we also welcome experienced drivers and teams to come out and drive as much as they can together in a low key environment.

NODRFT 2019 TNT Dates:

  1.  Feb. 20
  2.  March 27(**TBA**)
  3.  May 1
  4.  June 26
  5. Aug. 7
  6. Nov. 6

Stay updated with us on social media for live announcements, events, and project updates!

Click for NODRFT Facebook

Instagram @NODRFT

Register directly at: https://www.motorsportreg.com/nodrftTNT


NODRFT 2019 Season

Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce the 2019 NODRFT Season. Below are the event dates, track, and eflyer! Most of the entire 2019 schedule will take place at Nola Motorsports Park, but more track options are in the works. Stay updated with us on social media for live announcements, events, and project updates!

Click for NODRFT Facebook

Instagram @NODRFT

NODRFT 2019 Event Dates:

  1.  March 3 – 2019 NODRFT Season Opener – Skidpad
  2.  April 14 – C. Brandt Commemoration – Skidpad
  3.  May 25-26 – Memorial Mayhem – Kart/Skidpad
  4.  Aug. 3/4 – Sport Circuit Super Stage 1 – Skidpad/Kart
  5.  Sept. 29 – Fall Festival – Skidpad
  6.  Dec. 14-15 – EYB2K19 #EYB6 Kart/Skidpad


End of Year Bash 5 – 12.15/16.18


You’re invited to Nodrft’s annual END of YEAR BASH event and we’re preparing to bring you a full weekend of driving! EYB started of in 2013 as the last and biggest event to close off our season with a bang. Now, each year we host a super fun weekend of drifting on the kart track and skid pad at NMSP. The only night event of the year running 12 hours and late night under the lights. Pretty much like an off season fun event and drive until you can’t anymore.


When: December 15, 16

Where: Nola Motorsports Park(NMSP)

11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094

7:00 AM Gates Open & Tech
8:30 Drivers Meeting
9 AM First car on track
9 PM track closes, Party Begins, Camping all night long

6:30 AM Gates Open & Tech
7:30 Drivers Meeting
8 First car out on track
7 PM track closes, pack up, hug your pals, peace out, see you in 2019!


Skid Pad – Saturday – $120 early / $150 late(12/8) CLOSED

Kart track – Sunday – $180 early / $240 late(12/8) OPEN

2 day deal – Saturday & Sunday – $260 early / $360 late(12/8) CLOSED

Late registration starts December 1st, we’re extending it one week to December 8th, No selling half days, No splitting weekend deals, No Refunds.

Register below:

Driver’s Full Name/Drift Car:
Driver’s Email:

Spectating – FREE


Below is a map to show you where to go if it’s your first time attending a Nodrft End of Year Bash!

Click this link for the official facebook event page–> Nodrft EYB5 Facebook Event Page


Recap – EYB2017 by Daniel Waghorne

Recap – EYB2016 by Brandon Davis (@BadQualityHD)

85/86 Drift Day – Round 3 – 8.5.18

85 event 2018

Join us for our next nodrft event commemorating the iconic ae86/86 corolla chassis that sparked the start of addictive sport of drifting. This event is open to any driver and drift car chassis, it will also be Round 3 of the Nodrft Trials drift series event!

We’re working with the track to get all drivers an fans out of the heat with special promo discounts on the 40 foot water slides so come join the fun wether you’re driving or spectating!

Registration is open below!

Early Registration: $80
Late Registration(July 30th): $100

Track Address:
Nola Motorsports Park

11075 Nicolle Blvd, Avondale, LA 70094
Track: Skidpad

Late Registration:
Driver’s Full Name:
Drift Car Make/Model: